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Concerts 2013 - 14

Oct 13, 2013


what:C&C piano factory


who:  Dan CooperMilica ParanosicGene Pritsker, Erbium, David Chesky, Svetlana Smolina, 

Joseph Pehrson, Patrick Grant, Sean Hickey, Klara Min, Jed Distler




29 Cornelia St, NYC ‎


details: an evening of piano music


for highights of previous events of this series availble here
and here

Sept 20 2013 7PM


Season Launch Party 

and Fundraiser 


Music Performances, Poetry and Presentations by:

Dan Cooper,

Milica Paranosic

Gene Pritsker,

Roger Bonair-Agard, Vicky Vale

Gorazd Poposki,

Thomas Carlo Bo,

Jacob Miller,

Tobias Roberts, 

Liz Cherry,

Tyra Juliette,


Di.J. Noizepunk


Gallery MC, 549 WEST 52ND ST, 8TH FLOOR, NYC

music, poetry, fashion, raffles, prizes, games, DJ, dancing, drinks, photography

and the launch of our newest initiative



tickets $15 suggested  


Sept 22 2013 3PM


Poetry & Music - Unhinged


Music by Dan CooperMilica ParanosicGene Pritsker, Thomas Carlo Bo, Charles

Coleman, Daniel Palkowski, 

Joseph Pehrson 


Poetry by Roger Bonair-Agard, Jacob Miller, Tobias Roberts,

Mev Smith


Performed by the Composers, Poets, Erbium, Sean Satin, Liz Cherry, Christina Ascher and Kaoru Hinata


499 Van Brunt 2nd Floor

Brooklyn, NY

Poetry and Music



Oct 13 2013 6PM


C&C Piano Factory 


In collaboration with Composers Collaborative Inc.


Launch of the 2013/4

Serial Underground season


an evening of piano music by Dan CooperMilica Paranosic,

Gene Pritsker, Jed Distler, 

Joseph Pehrson, Sean Hickey,

Myrna Schloss, Svjetlana Bukvich


performed by 

Svetlana Smolina, Jed Distler, 

Svjetlana Bukvich, Milica 

Paranosic and guests


Cornelia Street Cafe 

29 Cornelia St  NYC

tix: $20 at the door (includes $10 drink-food credit)







Nov 10, 2013, 8pm


COmp COrd Ensemble 


Diverse ensemble performing their own work


Music and performances by

Bill Schimmel - accordion
Demetrius Spaneas - soprano sax
Milica Paranosic - vocal/keys/electr.
Gene Pritsker - electric guitar
Dan Cooper - 7 string electric bass
Peter Jarvis - vibraphone/percussion
David Rozenblatt - drums





44 East 32nd Street NYC

Jan 7, 2014


The Comp Cord Ensemble

@ The Birch Wathen Lenox School


Music by: 

Dvorák, Cooper, Paranosic, Pritsker, Hendrix, Pollak


Performed by:

Milica Paranosic, Gene Pritsker, Dan Cooper, Lynn Bechtold, Jennifer DeVore, Max Pollak

March 15, 2014 7PM


Pitches at an Exhibition 

 - The Ides Of March -


Music and art by 

David Chesky, Luis Andrei Cobo, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Franz Hackl, Gene McBride, Modest Mussorgsky, Milica Paranosic, Gene Pritsker, Dana Richardson, Eric Somers, David Taylor, Josef Albers, Jo Brocklehurst, Rainer Gross, Rose Hackl, Carmen Kordas, Gorazd Poposki and Ronnie Taylor.


Performed by: Andrew Borkowski, Nick Cooper, Anne Drummond, Dave Eggar, Taka Kigawa, and Derin Oge, The NY Trombone Consort plus featured soloist Gregor Kitzis on violin and musical saw.

Gallery MC, 549 WEST 52nd ST, 8TH FLOOR, NYC

Jan 24, 2014




Turtle Bay Music School

244 E 52nd St, NYC


Music  by:

Patrick Hardish, Joseph Pehrson, Dan CooperMilica ParanosicGene Pritsker

and guests


Performed by:

Margaret Lancaster, William Schimmel, Judith Olson, Cesar Vuksic, Peter Jarvis, Linda Pehrson, Gene Pritsker


TBMS, 7pm  Free


Feb 10, 2014


CompCord Ensemble 

William Paterson University


Music by: Baillett, Baillett, Clark, Cooper, Jarvis, Pritsker, Rszewski


Performed by: Brad Baillett,

Doug Baillett, John Clark,

Peter Jarvis, Gene Pritsker



March 29, 2014


92nd Street Y


Composers Concordance



Eclectic Bands/Eclectic Dance


Milica Paranosic's Bruka Band 

Dan Cooper's Erbium 

Gene Pritsker's Sound Liberation


With special guest soloists

Lara St. John - violin


Bill Schimmel - accordion


Featuring dance by:

Max Pollak, Julie Fotheringham, Sean Scantlebury



 Lexington Avenue at 92nd St

Warburg Lounge


click here for more information


May 2nd, 2014


Eclectic Bands

Matt Herskowitz Trio


Snap Sax Quartet


Music by: Biello, Herskowitz, Cooper, Paranosic, Pritsker


Performed by:

Matt Herskowitz - piano

Mat Fieldes - bass

Matt Zebroski - drums

Nicholas Biello - soprano saxophone 

Andrew Gould - alto saxophone 

Paul Jones - tenor saxophone 

Sam Dillon - baritone saxophone



In collaboration with Klavierhaus

Friday, May 2nd 2014, 7PM

Unity Center

213 W 58th



April 19, 2014



Music and performances by:

Licorice Ensemble, Sara Aratake, Angela Babin, Lynn Bechtold, Dan Cooper, Masatora Goya, Margaret Lancaster, Lukas Ligeti, Noriko Nagao, Alon Nechushtan, Jade Ogoshi, Milica Paranosic, Thomas Piercy, Gene Pritsker, James Nyoraku Schlefer, Chihiro Shibayama, Gerald Starlight, Tomoko Sugawara, Michiyo Suzuki, Mioi Takeda, Kaoru Watanabe, Akari Yamamoto, Joji Yuasa, Deep Purple.

Goddard Riverside Community Center


647 Columbus Ave  
New York, NYC




May 18, 2014

Comp Cord Esemble

@ The Queens New Music Festival


Diverse ensemble performing their own work


Music and performances by

Dan Cooper - 7-string bass guitar, Peter Jarvis - vib./perc., 

Milica Paranosic - vocal/keys/electr., Bill Schimmel - accordion, Demetrius Spaneas - soprano sax, 

Gene Pritsker - electr. gtr., Damien Bassman - drums

and David Rozenblatt


Sunday, May 18th 2014, 2PM
The Secret Theater
44 02 23rd St Long Island City, NYC, NY 

April 21st

The Comp Cord Ensemble presents @

William Paterson University as part of

The New Music Series


Music by: Coleman, Hackl, Pritsker

Performed by: Charles Coleman - baritone,

Franz Hackl - trumpet, Borislav Strulev - cello,

Gene Pritsker - guitar/Di.J.


7PM in Shea Center's Shea Auditorium

William Paterson University

Wayne, NJ. 

May 17, 2014



Composers Concordance 

4th annual competition and concert


CompCord Woodwind Quintet

Valerie Coleman

Keve Wilson

Michiyo Suzuki

John Clark

Damien Primis


Goddard Riverside Community Center


647 Columbus Ave  
New York, NYC

June 13 2014 7PM


Ladies First


Lynn Bechtold

Milica Paranosic,

Keve Wilson 
and Friends

Bohemian National Hall

321 E 73rd St NYC


for more information go here
for tickets go here

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